CSD Scholarship Program

Application Due: February 13

No late applications will be accepted

2023 Scholarship Application Presentation for Seniors

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Money you can win/earn to help with college or work expenses.

Do I have to pay back scholarship money?

  • No, you do not have to pay back any money! It's all yours!

How can I use the scholarship money?

Life is expensive, we recommend using the money to help with costs related to college or work.

  • Expenses for college (dorms, meal plans, etc)

  • Expenses for work not covered by the Department of Rehabilitation.

How do I win/earn scholarships?

  • Must submit a scholarship application (different requirements for specific scholarships)

  • Can apply to as many as you want (scholarships.com, fastweb.com, etc)

  • Encouraged to apply every year (outside scholarships)

What is the CSD Scholarship Program?

  • CSD partnered with various organizations within the community. These organizations donate money to award to graduating Seniors. Recipients are selected by an anonymous Scholarship Committee who match applications with specific scholarship criteria.

What are the requirements to apply for the CSD Scholarship Program?

  • Graduating Senior participating in the June graduation

  • 2.5 or higher GPA during 10th, 11th, and Fall of 12th grade year. (9th grade is not counted)

  • Follow CSD School Policies/Rules (no major discipline issues)

  • Submit a CSD Scholarship Application and Resume

  • Encouraged: Cover Letter, active involvement in school and/or community, leadership experience

How are winners selected?

  • An anonymous Scholarship Committee reviews applications and resumes and select recipients based on criteria for each scholarship available.

  • Career Counselors are not on the Scholarship Committee

How do I apply for the CSD Scholarship?

  • Submit an application (provided by Career Center) and udpated resume.

  • Strongly encouraged: Cover letter

When will I know if I won a CSD Scholarship?

  • Winners will be announced during the Scholarship Ceremony on June 2, 2023

  • Winners can pick up their check(s) immediately after the Scholarship Ceremony. There will be a table where students can sign out their checks.

Why didn't I get my scholarship check?

  • In order to be issued a check, winners must have completed the following two tasks. If not, the checks will be held until it is completed.

    • Return all textbooks, materials, technology, etc belonging to CSD

    • Clear any and all debt owed to CSD

How long do I have to deposit my check?

  • 6 months. Any checks deposited after 6 months from the issue date may be canceled.

What if I need help?

  • Request an appointment with your Career Counselor for help with:

    • Resume

    • Cover Letter

    • Applying for Outside Scholarships